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  • Paul John ( Cadenheads )

    119.00  / Flasche
    170,00 EUR Liter
    Destillation Jahr 2011
    Alter 6y
    Vol. % 56,60
    Menge 0,7 Liter
    Cadenheads Small Batch, Bottled 2018, 564 Flaschen weltweit This is a vatting of five different casks of Paul John 3 peated and 2 unpeated that were vatted together and returned to cask from which we bottled one Hogshead and one Barrel of the resulting Indian Single Malt Whisky. Nose: Green apples, hints of cinammon, caramel. Taste: Chewy toffee, slight smokiness builds up. Oiliness coats the mouth. Finish: Orange zest. Smoke continues then rye notes come through.
  • Paul John ( Cadenheads )

    99.00  / Flasche
    141,43 EUR Liter
    Destillation Jahr 2011
    Alter 7y
    Vol. % 55,40
    Menge 0,7 Liter
    Cadenheads World Whiskies, Bottled Summer 2019, 348 Flaschen weltweit Nose: Rich and spicy and quite herbal.  Faint meaty notes with soft peat aromas. Taste: Peat is bigger on the palate, forest fruits, golden syrup and raisin butter. Finish: Honey, soft peat and more dry spices.  Two years in Campbeltown has mellowed this dram.
  • Balmenach ( Cadenheads )

    55.00  / Flasche
    78,57 EUR Liter
    Destillation Jahr 2011
    Alter 8y
    Fassart Madeira
    Vol. % 57,20
    Menge 0,7 Liter
    Cadenheads Authentic Collection, Bottled Autumn 2019, 270 Flaschen weltweit Madeira Cask since December 2017 Nose: Gingerbread, malty.  Slightly earth, with orchard fruits and not overly sweet. Taste: More madeira influence here.  Red fruits, brambles, raspberries and dried oranges along with clotted cream and a touch of cracked black pepper. Finish: Mixture of creme brulee and red berry compote. A wee cracker.