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  • Grenada ( Cadenheads )

    125.00  / Flasche
    178,57 EUR Liter
    Alter 20y
    Fassart Barrel
    Vol. % 46,00
    Menge 0,7 Liter
    Cadenhead's Green Label Rum Still Type - Column Still - Molasses 312 Flaschen weltweit Nose: Oranges, milk chocolate, strawberries and balsamic vinegar.  Soft creamy notes with faint medicinal notes in the background. Taste: Toffee with peaches in syrup, apricots and white chocolate with cashew nuts. Finish: Honey, toffee bananas and faint peppercorns.
  • Guyana, MPM from Uitvlugt Distillery ( Cadenheads )

    305.00  / Flasche
    435,71 EUR Liter
    Destillation Jahr 1993
    Alter 25y
    Fassart Barrel
    Vol. % 49,90
    Menge 0,7 Liter
    Dated Distillation Rum from Guyana, Distilled: October 1993, Bottled: February 2019 Pot Still 204 Flaschen weltweit Nose: Grassy, haylofts and very oily.  Hints of varnish, raisins, dried orange peel and marzipan. Taste: Big rum, some ginger powder, kiwi fruits, brown bread toast with salted butter.  Lychee, popping candy and lemon juice. Finish: Faint tropical fruits, giving way to more grassy and herbal notes before oily notes take over.
  • Tullibardine ( Cadenheads )

    69.00  / Flasche
    98,57 EUR Liter
    Destillation Jahr 2007
    Alter 12y
    Fassart Barrel
    Vol. % 55,20
    Menge 0,7 Liter
    Cadenheads Authentic Collection, Bottled Autumn 2019, 186 Flaschen weltweit Nose: Mint, white pepper and melted butter with a hint of cinnamon and nutmeg. Taste: Orange zest, peach yoghurt, star anise and good quality vanilla ice cream. Finish: Long and creamy.
  • Evan Williams Single Barrel

    47.00  / Flasche
    67,14 EUR Liter
    Alter 7y
    Fassart Barrel
    Vol. % 43,30
    Menge 0,7 Liter
    Bourbon - USA