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  • Fettercairn ( Cadenheads )

    69.00  / Flasche
    98,57 EUR Liter
    Destillation Jahr 2007
    Alter 12y
    Fassart Bourbon
    Vol. % 51,10
    Menge 0,7 Liter
    Cadenheads Small Batch, 324 Flaschen weltweit

    Nose: Peaches, agave syrup, honeycomb, cinnamon and golden syrup.

    Taste: Lemon infused olive oil, apricots, strawberry yoghurt with a trace of white pepper.

    Finish: Roasted red peppers, toffee shortbread, hazelnuts and lemon meringue pie.

  • North British ( Cadenheads )

    205.00  / Flasche
    292,86 EUR Liter
    Alter 35y
    Fassart Bourbon
    Vol. % 46,00
    Menge 0,7 Liter
    Cadenheads Original Collection, Bottled: 2021

    Nose: Pineapple juice, honeycomb, custard powder

    Palate: Butterscotch, green apples, white chocolate

    Finish: Rich shortbread, white grapes, melted butter

  • English Distillery Co. ( Cadenheads )

    95.00  / Flasche
    135,71 EUR Liter
    Alter 12y
    Fassart Bourbon
    Vol. % 46,00
    Menge 0,7 Liter

    English Distillery Co.

    12yo 46.0%


    Single Malt English Whisky from Norfolk, England

    Nose: Vanilla, heather, fishing nets, burning tree branches

    Palate: Honey roasted cashews, vanilla essence, syrupy, subtle peat notes

    Finish: Burnt orange, heather honey, smouldering pine forrest.

  • Auchentoshan ( Cadenheads )

    90.00  / Flasche
    128,57 EUR Liter
    Alter 11y
    Fassart Bourbon
    Vol. % 46,00
    Menge 0,7 Liter


    11yo 46.0%


    Single Malt Scotch Whisky from the Lowland region 

    Nose: Apple sours, peaches and cream, apricots and soft mint.

    Palate: Butterscotch, cream cheese frosting, summer fruits

    Finish: Toffee, chewy meringue, very tropical

  • Glen Keith ( Cadenheads )

    235.00  / Flasche
    335,71 EUR Liter
    Alter 22y
    Fassart Bourbon
    Vol. % 46,00
    Menge 0,7 Liter

    Glen Keith

    22yo 46.0%


    Single Malt Scotch Whisky from the Speyside region

    Nose: Fruit syrup, lots of tropical fruits, herby, elderflower, raspberries

    Palate: Lemon sherbert, velvety, fresh orange juice

    Finish: Creamy, wood spice, cardamom, pine notes