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  • Jamaica White Rum ( Cadenheads )

    39.00  / Flasche
    55,71 EUR Liter
    Fassart Drum
    Vol. % 63,00
    Menge 0,7 Liter
    Cadenhead's Green Label Rum The age to read over proof white rum on the label. 102 Flaschen weltweit Nose: Sweet, honey roasted peanuts, melon, candied ginger, fennel, rosemary and faint cherry cough medicine. Taste: More ginger spice with caramel, apple struddle.  Pistachio nuts, clotted cream and soft spearmint with warming spice. Finish: Very herbal with lingering soft spice, black pepper, star anise, corriander and fennel before becoming more fruit - satsumas and grapeskins.