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  • Tamdhu

    44.00  / Flasche
    62,86 EUR Liter
    Alter 10y
    Fassart Sherry
    Vol. % 43,00
    Menge 0,7 Liter
  • Cadenhead Blend

    35.00  / Flasche
    50,00 EUR Liter
    Alter 12y
    Fassart Sherry
    Vol. % 46,00
    Menge 0,7 Liter
  • Cadenhead Creations – Rich Fruity Sherry

    179.00  / Flasche
    255,71 EUR Liter
    Destillation Jahr 1980
    Alter 36y
    Fassart Sherry
    Vol. % 44,50
    Menge 0,7 Liter
    Blended Scotch Whisky, Bottled 2016 Cadenhead Creations is a collection of blends, blended malts and blended grains specially selected to fit into one of four flavour profiles. Each cask is specially selected before marrying for a considerable time to ensure that each Creation is a unique offering. Cadenhead Creations are one off small batch offerings which can never be repeated. This whisky in this blend was all distilled in 1980 and this bottling comes from a vatting of two sherry Butts of the blended whisky. Nose: Strawberries; rich fruits; gooseberries; full fat cream; raisins; honey and cocktail cherries and obvious sherry notes. Palate: Vanilla with a hint of toffee; raspberries; strawberry jam; soft spice and marzipan. Finish: The soft spices continue with vanilla, cream and hazelnuts.